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Never before have there been so many choices for energy supply, and never before has it been so easy to find the best company and make the change.

What is energy choice?

Energy choice is a benefit that many homes and businesses can now enjoy as a result of government deregulation of energy markets in the 1990s. Energy choice means choosing an energy supplier other than your local utility company. While not everyone lives in a deregulated market, those that do have their choice of energy suppliers.

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Quick & Easy Switch

A Quick & Easy Switch

Switching from your current utility or energy supplier to Powervine is both quick and easy and can be done in just a few minutes. (We recommend that have your utility bill handy before you start the process.)

The Same Price Every Month

Enjoy peace of mind by knowing you’ve locked in your electricity supply prices. This will help ensure you won’t be surprised by seasonal high energy rates going forward.

Quick & Easy Switch
Quick & Easy Switch

No Disruptions in Service

After you switch to Powervine, you will continue to receive the same service through the same wires that are used today. The delivery of the electricity will still come from your utility. No need to worry about disruptions in service when switching over as Powervine makes the transition quick and seamless.

One Bill to Pay

Billing will still come from your utility and you’ll still pay the utility. So no added bills to pay.

Quick & Easy Switch

What Deregulation Means

Before deregulation, customers had no choice but to purchase energy from the utility monopoly in their region. After the government’s deregulation of energy markets, new suppliers were allowed to serve homes and businesses, creating regional competition. This competition resulted in energy choice for customers in these markets, which means better prices, terms, and energy sources for you.

Powervine is Your Best Energy Choice

Our mission at Powervine Energy is to utilize the deregulated energy environment to provide value to energy customers in a way no one else can. We do this through decades of energy experience, our own proprietary technology and data analysis, our established relationships with energy wholesalers, vendor partnerships, competitive fixed prices, and a total commitment to honesty and transparency when working with our customers. This combination of factors ensures that, as a Powervine Energy customer, you get the best energy choices available.

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