4 Affordable Gadgets to Reduce Your Energy Usage

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4 Affordable Gadgets to Reduce Your Energy Usage

At Powervine Energy, we responded to people’s growing interest in green living and reducing energy costs It’s no wonder that technology companies have also stepped up to meet their needs. Below, we outline several affordable household gadgets you can buy to both cut down on your utility bills and promote energy efficient living going forward.

Smart Plugs

These wonderful little items plug directly into your wall socket and allow you to control the power going to any additional connected devices via your smartphone or smart assistants like Amazon Alexa. This means if you forgot to unplug or turn off any of your devices, you can do so remotely.

You can also create a schedule to turn them off automatically at certain times of day. And the best part is that you can buy a great one for under $30.

Smart Thermostat

If you’re tired of having to program or manually turn your thermostat on and off, then a smart thermostat is definitely for you. The beauty of smart thermostats is that they combine convenience and energy efficiency with almost no additional effort on your part.

Smart thermostats actually “learn” from your heating and cooling schedule and begin adjusting accordingly to save you the most amount of money. You can view your energy usage in real time with their app and sync them with your voice assistant as well. Smart thermostats are an excellent and affordable choice for long-term energy savings.

Smart Blinds

Yes, in addition to smart phones and smart thermostats, you can also buy smart blinds which can be controlled remotely as well. And you can buy a great set for around $100 online . These blinds work by automatically closing once your windows start heating up, saving you money on your cooling bill in the process.

Smart Vents

Yes, smart technology now extends to individual vents in your home as well. The advantage of smart vents is that they allow you to regulate the temperature of each room independently and block off heating or cooling additional rooms that don’t need it.

Most programmable thermostats don’t allow you to adjust room temperatures individually, which can really add up in terms of energy costs. With smart vents, you can pick and choose only the rooms that need it.