Coming Together as a Community


We pride ourselves on hiring the brightest, most dedicated, and most upbeat individuals at Powervine Energy in order to build our work community. We find having a team of experienced and creative people helps us carry out our company's vision of energy choice, superior customer service and undeniable value.

We Hope That Everyone Here Loves Where They Work

Our goal is to create a community of people within Powervine who are dedicated to serving our customers with integrity and creating value. We want to educate our community of homeowners and small business owners on both energy choice and conservation measures to lower energy usage for increased cost savings. Each and every person has the opportunity to grow, be inspired and collaborate with others.

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Protecting the environment is built into everything we do

We are committed to protecting our environment. We are able to offer 100% green products with the purchase of sourced renewable energy certificates to promote increased renewable energy on the electricity grid.

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