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Choose Powervine Energy for hassle-free electricity plans, outstanding customer service, and dependable energy expertise. We make finding the right energy plan for your home or business simple and easy.

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Why Choose Powervine Energy

At Powervine Energy we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to our customers. We understand that finding the right electricity plan can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

Flexible Pricing

We offer a variety of pricing options to fit your specific needs and budget. From fixed-rate to variable rate energy plans, we have something for everyone.

We Serve You

We prioritize serving our customers over maximizing profits. Our focus on customer satisfaction means you can trust us to always have your best interests in mind.

Rewards Program

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded; we offer a rewards program for our customers. Earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or shopping.

Take Back Control of Your Energy Supply

Did you know that Pennsylvania is a deregulated energy market? That means you have the power to choose your energy provider and take control of your electricity costs.

With Powervine Energy, you can rest assured that you are getting a competitive rate without any hidden fees or surprises on your bill.

We value transparency, honesty, and integrity and strive to provide our customers with the best energy options available. Explore our plans and see for yourself why Powervine Energy is the right choice for your energy needs.

Here’s How to Make the Switch:
1. Choose the Right Plan for Your Needs

We offer a variety of plans to fit your residential or business energy needs. Whether you want a fixed-rate plan for budget stability or a variable-rate plan for flexibility, we have options that will work for you.

2. Sign Up Online or Give Us a Call

We’ve made it easy and convenient to switch to Powervine Energy. Simply sign up online or give us a call, and our friendly team will guide you through the process.

3. Sit Back and Relax

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll handle the switch from your current provider to Powervine Energy seamlessly. You won’t experience any interruptions in service or need to make any changes to your home or business setup.

Ready to Find Your Plan?

Choose the local energy provider that's on your side. Explore your custom rates with Powervine Energy today!

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Building a Brighter Future for Pittsburgh

We don't often think about it, but electricity is an essential part of our daily lives. From powering our homes and businesses to fueling technological advancements, energy plays a crucial role in shaping the world around us.

At Powervine Energy, we are committed to building a brighter future by providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions. We invest in renewable energy sources and support initiatives that promote environmental responsibility.

By choosing Powervine Energy as your energy provider, you are not only benefiting from our exceptional service and competitive rates, but also contributing to a more sustainable future for your community.

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying hassle-free electricity service.

Rewards You Can’t Wait to Use

Want to save even more on your monthly costs?

By choosing Powervine Energy, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program and can start earning points right away.
You can redeem your points for gift cards to popular retailers or use them to enjoy experiences in food or travel.

From online shopping to dining out, our rewards program gives you the opportunity to save money each month.

We believe in giving back to our customers and rewarding them for their loyalty is just one way we do that.

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Need Help with your Service?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our services or energy plans? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out:

How do I switch to Powervine Energy?

Switching to Powervine Energy is easy! You can start the process on our website and sign up for one of our energy plans. We will take care of the rest, including notifying your current provider.

If you'd prefer to speak with our experts, you can call us at 888-263-2806.

Will I experience any interruptions in service when switching to Powervine Energy?

No, there will not be any disruptions in your electricity service during the switch. We strive to make the process seamless and hassle-free for our customers.

How long does the switch to Powervine Energy take?

Depending on your utility's billing policies and schedules, it could be as quick as three days or as long as two billing cycles. Our team can help you understand the timeline.

What happens if there is a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, you should contact your local utility company (see the "Need Help with your Service?" section on this page). They are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and restoring power in your area. However, we are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during this time.

How can I track my energy usage?

Our online portal allows you to track your energy usage and monitor your monthly bills. You can also set up alerts for high usage and receive tips on how to conserve energy and save money.

Make the Switch Today!

Ready to get started with Powervine Energy? Explore your custom rates today and power your way to savings.

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